Vision & Mission

Our vision is to conduct transdisciplinary research to understand and manage systemic risk in complex systems across technical, health, economic, and social domains. 

Our mission is the following:

  • Conduct transdisciplinary research, education and outreach programs on systemic risk modeling, analysis, control, and management
  • Engage with researchers, practitioners, regulators, and policy makers on challenges important to society
  • Focus on challenges in the financial, sustainable energy & environment, healthcare and smart infrastructure domains

We expect the Center to be beneficial in a variety of ways to a number of different stakeholders. There are many benefits, both intellectual and practical, in analyzing, comparing, and studying systemic failures across diverse disciplines.

By conducting research to analyze all systemic failures, across different domains, from a unified, integrated, complex systems engineering perspective, we will gain a more thorough and complete understanding of the mechanisms, modalities, and fragilities in complex systems that lead to systemic failures. By analyzing and modeling the complete picture – comprising of the technical, human, and environmental elements of the entire system, we will gain knowledge that delineates the commonalities as well as the differences in systemic failures in a variety of domains. This holistic approach -- carried out in concert with public policy experts and regulatory agencies -- will lead to a better design, control, optimization and management of complex systems to minimize systemic risk in the future. Such progress will clearly benefit industrial, business, and governmental institutions, and, as a result, the society at large. 

Columbia Affiliations
Center for the Management of Systemic Risk (CMSR)