Garud Iyengar, Klaus Lackner, Upmanu Lall, Alissa Park, Peter Schlosser, Diane Vaughan, Venkat Venkatasubramanian

Professor Garud Iyengar is currently chairman of the IEOR department. His research is mainly in the optimization domain including convex optimization, robust optimization, queuing networks, and combinatorial optimization. Iyengar applies his expertise in optimization to the study of systemic risk. In a recently published article, he proposed an axiomatic framework for the measurement and management of systemic risk based on the simultaneous analysis of outcomes across agents in the system and over scenarios of nature.


Professor Klaus Lackner is currently chairman of the Earth and Environmental Engineering department and director of the Lanfest Center for Sustainable Energy. Lackner pioneered the concept of carbon dioxide air capture as a means for climate change mitigation. Trained as a theoretical physicist, he has made a number of contributions to the field of Carbon Capture and Storage since 1995.



Professor Upmanu Lall is currently a faculty member of the Earth and Environmental Engineering department and the director of Columbia Water Center. His research interests include hydroclimatology, nonlinear dynamics, and applied statistics; natural hazards, water systems, and risk management; water technologies for developing countries. As the director of the Columbia Water Center, Lall’s work emphasizes the importance of viewing water issues across several traditional academic disciplines in order to understand dimensions of these global problems.


Lenfest Junior Professor in Applied Climate Science Alissa Park is currently a faculty member of the Chemical Engineering department and Earth and Environmental Engineering department. Her research interests include carbon sequestration, clean fossil energy conversion systems, alternative energy production, particle technology, electrostatic tomography, and multiphase flow systems.



Professor Peter Schlosser is currently a faculty member of the Earth and Environmental Engineering and the deputy director and director of research of the Earth Institute. His research is directed towards understanding the Earth’s natural water bodies, their perturbation by human activity, and the possibility to design engineering solutions to the problems by their development.



Professor Diane Vaughan is currently a faculty member of the department of sociology. Her research interest are the sociology or organizations, sociology of culture, deviance and social control, field methods, research design, and science, knowledge, and technology. The prime theoretical focus of her research is how the social – history, institutions, organizations – affect individual meanings, decisions, and action.



Samuel Ruben-Peter G. Viele Professor of Engineering Venkat Venkatasubramanian, who is the founding co-director of CMSR, has pioneered, over past 28 years, the development and use of methodologies and tools for the modeling, design, analysis, control and management of risk in process plants. These methodologies combine modeling concepts from process design, control, fault diagnosis, and artificial intelligence. His group has developed and tested a number of intelligent systems, such as DKit, HAZOPexpert, and PHASuite, for industrial-scale challenges in risk management.


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